WCL – Disable Return More than 200 Check Box?

    On WCL, is there a way to Hide / Disable the Return More than 200 check box? Is something EM Config or SAP Web Dynpro Screen?

    Thank you.

    On WCL, is there a way to Hide / Disable the Return More than 200 check box? Is something EM Config or SAP Web Dynpro Screen?Thank you.

    WCL - Disable Return More than 200 Check Box?

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    Vice Professor Asked on November 8, 2016 in event management.
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      Hi Susheel,


      could you please clarify if you are really talking about WCL, the old Java-based UI for EM, or if you are talking about the newer ABAP-Web-Dynpro-based UI (since you are referring to a “SAP Web Dynpro Screen” in your question)?


      For WCL only a modification would help. But since modifications to .JSPs are easy to handle it should be possible. Try deleting the following part in scem_search.jsp:


      <tr><td align=”left”>

      <scem:present name=”<%=Constant.SEARCH_LIMIT%>”>


      <span class=”urImgCbgWhl” id=”sap01-r”>

      <input type=”checkbox” id=”sap01″ name=”<%=Constant.NO_LIMITS%>” >

      <label for=”sap01″ class=”urLblStdBar” title=”<scem:translate key=’search.nolimits’ placeholder='<%=((java.lang.Integer)request.getAttribute(Constant.SEARCH_LIMIT)).toString()%>’/>”>

      <scem:translate key=”search.nolimits” placeholder=”<%=((java.lang.Integer)request.getAttribute(Constant.SEARCH_LIMIT)).toString()%>”/>








      Note: I did not test this, so it would need to be tested thoroughly on your end.



      If you are rather talking about the new ABAP-Web-Dynpro-based UI, things are much easier. Here is what I have recently recommended to a customer with a similar request:


      In standard there are basically two options to hide the check box. You

      can use Web Dynpro personalization on user level to allow individual

      users to hide the field. This is simply achieved by right-clicking on

      the field and choosing to hide the field.


      But to my understanding the other option, which allows an administrator

      to hide the field for all users, might be closer to what you are trying

      to achieve. This would be using Web Dynpro customizing to hide the

      field for all users in the current client.


      For the second option the Web Dynpro application needs to be started in

      administration mode (e.g. by using Web Dynpro Application -> Test ->

      In Browser – Admin Mode in transaction SE80 on the /SAPTRX/EM_WDA_UI

      WD application).


      After the UI has been started in admin mode you can hide the field by

      right-clicking and choosing the relevant options.



      For WD customizing and personalization please also have a look at the

      documentation in the Netweaver library on help.sap.com under Web Dynpro

      for ABAP -> Web Dynpro ABAP: Development in Detail -> Advanced

      Concepts -> Adaption -> Personalization and Customizing.




      Best regards,

      Bernd Sieger

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