How do I limit the entries in a CRM WEB UI Assignment Block?

We have an assignment block called dates.  This assignment block shows all dates associated with the processing type of the CRMD_ORDERADM_H record being displayed.  The dates displayed are controlled from SPRO under Custermer Relationship Management > Basic Functions > Date Management > Define Date Profiles.  This has the ability to define all dates relevent to a process type.  The problem we have is that we have set up our CRM to base information on Processing Type and Category, so the dates need to be further limited on the assignment block to only those relevent for each processing type and category.  We have created a Z table to identify which dates re relevent to the process type and category, but do not know how to customize the assignment block to be able to utilise this Z-table and reduce the dates being displayed to just those that are relevent.  Does anyone know how to go about restricting entries displayed in an assignment block in this way?




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