functional specifications

    dear sirs,

    please let me have some information on FS(functional specifications).

    how to prepare and all

    dear sirs,please let me have some information on FS(functional specifications).how to prepare and all

    functional specifications

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    Doctor Asked on February 27, 2017 in logistics mm.
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      A functional spec should describe what your requirements are for an enhancement to be made to your system.

      Some of the contents from a functional spec are as follows


      1.General Requirements

      1.1 Business Driver

      1.2 Current Functionality

      1.3 Desired Functionality

      1.4 Assumptions

      1.5 Constraints

      1.6 Performance Criteria

      1.7 Applications Affected

      2.Required Data

      2.1 Input Data

      2.2 Output Data

      2.3 Data Mapping

      2.4 Legacy File Details

      3.Form / Report Design

      3.1 General

      3.2 Selection Criteria

      3.3 Output Layout

      4.Conversion / Interface Design

      4.1 General

      4.2 Dependencies

      4.3 Scheduling Considerations

      5.Enhancement / Modification Design

      5.1 General

      5.2 Required Screens

      5.3 Screen Layouts

      6.Additional Information

      6.1 Test Plan

      6.2 Backup / Recovery

      6.3 Security Profile & Authorization

      6.4 Audit / Control


      Appendix B: settings.

      Appendix A: Appendix Title

      Appendix B: Document Control


      I hope that this helps

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