I created and SD/PP flow for configurable material but its still not working fine.

    Sales person create a quotation for a configurable material (which contains material list with 2 configurable sub components which are configurable too)

    (Configuration made in the sistem: main material : 1 configuration profile Process:for material list for order, several explosion material list, application for material list :BEST; Subcomponents configurable materials:  2 configuration profile:


    • profile 1: first one is like the previous one
    • profile 2: new one (created for this flow)process: for previsional/manufacturing order, without explosion material list)


    we execute a program which create automatically sales order and assembly order with main sales material. (assembly order copy for PP04) at the same moment.

    Sales order contains previous configuration made by sales person, however other characteristics must be completed by ingenier team.

    Once the characteristics have been completed in the sales order, they “are copied” into assembly order.

    So this assembly order for main material contains all the characteristics completed in the sales order, HOWEVER THE PROBLEM IS THE COMPONENTS (Subcomponents configurable materials) DOESNT HAVE ANY CONFIGURATION BECAUSE IN THE ORDER this subcomponenst have second profile.


    SALES ORDER: main material (configuration profile 1) – subcomponents (configuration profile 1)

    ASSEMBLY ORDER: main material (configuration profile 1) – subcomponents (configuration profile 2)

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