RE: Spool Request Attributes – How to set defaults for all users?

      In ECC 6.0 when a user wants to run a background job, the print attributes that appear by default are insufficient for their needs. Currently in our system, we simply get the output device, number of copies and number of pages option.

      Users want to choose Title, Format, Retention Period, Storage Mode etc.

      Is there a way to set the default print attributes for the entire user community to avoid having each user hit the Properties button, then navigate the General Properties tree to select the options they want, and then save the them as defaults?

      Are there any Parameter IDs that can be used for this? If so, specifics?

      Thanks in advance,


      Allan,   Check report RSPRIPARADMIN.   - Keith

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      mybirthname Doctor Asked on November 2, 2016 in 60 upgrade.
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        Check report RSPRIPARADMIN.


        – Keith

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