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      I imagine this is an OSS message, but since this is still a POC in a sandbox environtment, wanted to post here first because I don’t expect an urgent response.

      I’ve implemented the business content for LOG_SD_ANALYTICS_01 successfully in my ECC customizing client. Queries over the transient providers function correctly, however when I run a query over MultiProvider, /ERP/SD_M01, it dumps with the following errors:

      • InfoObject 2O-0SALES_UNIT does not exist in version A
      • An error occurred when getting data from the processor.
      • Error when generating dataProvider

      Interestingly, if I manually activate the MultiProvider, the query runs successfully the first time, but only once. After that, it goes back to the same error message. This behaviour is consistent. I’ve also implemented this on a different sandbox entirely with identical behavior.

      I searched OSS and implemented one note already (0001922770), but no luck so far. This is being implemented on NW 7.40 SP05, BI_CONT/XT 7.57 SP03 if it helps.

      Any ideas?

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      Resolved ... Applied OSS Note:  1943438

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      Mark Setchell Supporter Asked on November 2, 2016 in embedded analytics.
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        Resolved … Applied OSS Note:  1943438

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