RE: Ehp4 to Ehp5 – Stuck in IS_SELECT phase.

      Upgrading SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp4 IDES to EHp5.

      Stuck in EHPi during configuration phase:


      During “Add on selection”, If i dont choose any thing I am presented

      with the following message:


      For the following Add-on component(s) the KEEP YOURS decision is not

      longer valid,

      since at least for one of the base components an Add-on upgrade has

      been included:

      C-CEE (changed base component: SAP_BASIS)

      OTEXVIM (changed base component: SAP_BASIS)

      TDAGBCA (changed base component: SAP_BASIS)

      You need to change the decision of the above Add-on(s).


      When I choose continue I am returned to the Add on selection screen,

      and the three Add ons mentioned above are auto selected.

      When I choose Continue I can choose between keeping the Add on at the

      current version or providing a SAINT package.

      I want to keep all three packages at the current version because I am

      unable to find newer versions of those packages.

      I found note:1262124 “Vendor Keys for Add-ons released with ERP

      Enhancemnt Packages”, However- when I provide the vendor key for the

      relevant package and hit “Continue”, nothing happens, regardless of

      what I put in the VEndor Key field.

      I have also searched for newer version of the 3 components, but could find no update. Current versions are:

      C-CEE 110_604 patch level 000

      OTEXVIM 516_700 patch level 002

      TDAGBCA 110_600 patch level 002

      Can anyone advise on how to proceeed?

      Kind Regards


      Hi,   IDES upgrade is not supported.   Thanks Sunny

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      larsks Vice Professor Asked on November 2, 2016 in enhancement packages.
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        IDES upgrade is not supported.




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