RE: cl_gui_column_tree: editable item causes MESSAGE_TYPE_X dump


      I want to add some editable checkbox-items to a cl_gui_column_tree-object.

      When I set the editable flag of the item (type MTREEITM) a MESSAGE_TYPE_X dump (Control Framework : Error processing control) is created.

      When I do not set the editable flag everything works fine, with the exception of a not editable checkbox.

      I compared my coding with demo programm SAPCOLUMN_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO but could not find any significant difference.

      Also demo programm SAPCOLUMN_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO is running fine on my client.

      This is the relevant part of my coding:

         gr_container TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,
         gr_tree      TYPE REF TO cl_gui_column_tree,
         gr_event_rec TYPE REF TO lcl_event_receiver

          CREATE OBJECT gr_container
               container_name              = ‘DATA_AREA’
               cntl_error                  = 1
               cntl_system_error           = 2
               create_error                = 3
               lifetime_error              = 4
               lifetime_dynpro_dynpro_link = 5.
           IF sysubrc <> 0.
             MESSAGE a000(tree_control_msg).

           CREATE OBJECT gr_tree
               parent                      = gr_container
               node_selection_mode         = cl_gui_column_tree=>node_sel_mode_single
               item_selection              = abap_true
               hierarchy_header            = ls_hierhead
               hierarchy_column_name       = gc_col_hierarchy
               cntl_system_error           = 1
               create_error                = 2
               failed                      = 3
               illegal_node_selection_mode = 4
               illegal_column_name         = 5
               lifetime_error              = 6.
           IF NOT sysubrc IS INITIAL.
             MESSAGE a000(tree_control_msg).

          CALL METHOD gr_tree->add_column
               name                         = gc_col_kms
               width                        = 11
               alignment                    = cl_gui_column_tree=>align_right
               header_text                  = texttck
               column_exists                = 1
               illegal_column_name          = 2
               too_many_columns             = 3
               illegal_alignment            = 4
               different_column_types       = 5
               cntl_system_error            = 6
               failed                       = 7
               predecessor_column_not_found = 8.
           IF NOT sysubrc IS INITIAL.
             MESSAGE a000(tree_control_msg).


        lt_nodes TYPE treev_ntab,
        lt_items TYPE srmitemtab, ” linetype is MTREEITM

        ls_node  LIKE LINE OF lt_nodes,
        ls_item  LIKE LINE OF lt_items,


            ls_node-relatkey  = lv_last_nplnr_node.
           lv_node_key       = lv_node_key + 1.
           ls_nodenode_key  = lv_node_key.
           ls_nodeisfolder  = abap_false.
           ls_noden_image   = icon_material.
           ls_nodeexp_image = icon_material.
           APPEND ls_node TO lt_nodes.

           CLEAR ls_itemtext.
           ls_itemclass     = cl_gui_column_tree=>item_class_checkbox.
           ls_itemnode_key  = ls_nodenode_key.
           ls_itemitem_name = gc_col_kms.
           ls_itemeditable  = ‘X’.
           APPEND ls_item TO lt_items.

           CALL METHOD gr_tree->add_nodes_and_items
               node_table                     = lt_nodes
               item_table                     = lt_items
               item_table_structure_name      = ‘MTREEITM’
               failed                         = 1
               cntl_system_error              = 3
               error_in_tables                = 4
               dp_error                       = 5
               table_structure_name_not_found = 6.
           IF sysubrc <> 0.
             MESSAGE a000(tree_control_msg).

      When I comment out line “ls_itemeditable  = ‘X’.” the cl_gui_column_tree-Object is shown and no Dumps occurs.

      Message was edited by: Hubert Heitzer

      Hi, Hubert. Did you try to clear the whole ls_item before you add checkbox element? Maybe there is some conflict with previous parameters?

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        Hi, Hubert.

        Did you try to clear the whole ls_item before you add checkbox element? Maybe there is some conflict with previous parameters?

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